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         Suzhou Hengda Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Suzhou City, which is the Chinese hometown of Gas Equipment. Our company is professionally engaged in developing and manufacturing gas generation equipment. 
  As a professional manufacturer engaged in research, production and development of Gas and Water equipment, Hengda can provide customers with PSA Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen Purification Equipment, PSA oxygen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, ammonia decomposition to Hydrogen Generator for HDAQ series, ammonia decomposition and purification for HDFC series, gas purification equipment, gas recovery equipment, air purification engineering and other gas equipment, etc. We also can provide a variety of gas supply solutions according to customer requirements, and also provide users with repair and maintenance, technical training and technical advice in respect of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen generating equipment and related equipment.     
  Thanks to the continuous efforts of all colleagues for many years, the company has developed into a first-class professional supplier of air separation equipment boasting the integration of scientific research and production capacities in China. And our high-purity hydrogen, high-purity nitrogen and pressure swing adsorption oxygen generating technology are far ahead of those of similar enterprises. In addition, we maintain cooperative relationship with a number of prestigious universities.
  Hengda always adheres to the concepts of “being people-oriented, realistic and innovative, customer-first and quality-first”, explores and develops new process and new technology, and constantly and actively introduce advanced technology and scientific research achievements at home and abroad. The Company's unique molecular sieve filling technology, full-auto system operation technology and a number of other technologies have been widely applied in petrochemical engineering, chemical fiber, heat treatment, metallurgy, glass, food, medicine, electronics, defense aerospace, aviation and other leading fields. Through innovative leading technologies, stable and reliable quality, fast and professional services, rigorous and efficient management, we ensure that customers are provided more valuable technology and products.
  Quality is the life of an enterprise and service is the foundation of cooperation, so the Company always adheres to the principles of “creating the future with quality and creating the brand with services”, committed to providing users with the best products and the most satisfactory services.
   Your inquiries by call or letter are warmly welcomed!