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Highland oxygenator

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High Plains Oxygen Production Principle: Evergrande oxygen production machine adopts the world's advanced pressure-switching adsorption (PSA) principle, using air as raw material, without any additives, at room temperature, the outside air is pressurized by the compressor, through physical adsorption, 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen in the air is separated, while removing all kinds of impurities, instantly and continuously from the air to obtain dust-free, sterile, high purity oxygen in accordance with national medical standards. The main core components are imported to ensure the reliable operation of the oxygen machine and the purity of the oxygen.
1、Air as raw material, no need to add anything, safe and no side effects;
2、Oxygen can be produced without leaving home; low power consumption and low cost of producing oxygen;
3、The full set of airways are low pressure system program control, safe and reliable operation;
4、Stable performance and low maintenance cost;
5、Continuous oxygen supply, stop the surge freely, adjustable flow, use as the system;
6、Easy to operate, stable performance, low noise;
7、Oxygen inhalation and room enrichment can be carried out simultaneously;
8、With remote control and timing function;
9、With oxygen concentration monitoring and power failure alarm function;
The product is suitable for Tibet, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other areas, widely used in administrative office centers, banks, hotels, KTV, foot therapy, Internet cafes, fitness centers, teahouses, health clubs and all kinds of office space, to bring health to consumers and bring rich returns for operators. The products have been tested by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and related departments, all technical indicators are in line with the relevant standards promulgated by the State, and the product technology and structure are ahead of similar products in China.