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Our vision:to root in Suzhou and radiate countrywide and lead Jiacheng to a famed brand in China with diversified management.
Our mission:to solve all water-proof difficult issues and work on people’s dwelling environment.
Our tenet:to create values to clients, realize ideals for employees and empower more worth for people with talents and high morality.
Our core value concept:people-oriented, quality foremost

Our core concept
Operation concept:
Agglomerate talents, seek for continuous extension and perpetuate its followers.
Work concept:to maintain religious willpower and quasi-first-love passion towards work.
Management concept: to cultivate people with knowledge and edify people with culture.
Development concept:reasonable requirement is to train people and unreasonable requirement is to hone people.
Service concept:to do what the world requires us to do with an out-earthly mind.
Competition concept:to put results as the orientation and heroes ride upon success.
Recruitment concept:to put talents as the most appropriate position and to trust and hold regards to all people. 

Life Philosophy
Race between a lion and gazelle hinges on speed as swiftness leads to survival.
In the Prairie of Africa, a lion, upon waking up, would be stricken by such an idea that I have to outrun gazelles or else I will be staving to death. A gazelle, on the other hand, would take upon waking upon that I have to outrun the lion or else I’ll be snuffed out.
The overtone lies on how to strive to outdo your rival when crisis is looming near before you can survive, or else you will be wiped out or knocked over.