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Talent Concept

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   The competition of enterprises is the competition of products, the competition of science and technology, but ultimately the competition of talent. Evergrande Purification attaches great importance to the cultivation and selection of talents, and has always taken attracting talents, cultivating talents, and maximizing the role of talents as a strategic task, in Evergrande, human resources are regarded as the first resource of the enterprise and the decisive factor for its development and growth.
   In the process of talent training, the company has established a complete and systematic training system, the company is committed to providing various types of training, promotion and selection for employees in the development of technical positions, and supporting the corresponding performance appraisal system to provide an objective basis for employee rewards and promotion.
   In terms of employment mechanism, the company has always insisted on the "meritocracy, the use of quantity" employment method. Emphasis is placed on creating a relaxed and orderly environment for talents so that heroes can have a place to fight. In Evergrande, is the eagle to give him the blue sky, is the steed to give him the grassland, and strive to create the convenience for everyone to make the best of their talents, so that the personal value of the employees to the greatest extent possible, so that they get a sense of achievement and satisfaction in the work process. The company implements a competitive onboarding and final elimination system for employees, so that those who can really get on, those who are flat, those who are mediocre, and those who are under, can compete fairly and win the best and eliminate the worst.