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Technical features of the ammonia decomposition hydrogen furnace

Company News
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2015/12/09 13:08
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(1) Decomposition of the stove bore: the inner bore of the ammonia decomposition furnace for hydrogen production is made of high quality heat-resistant stainless steel 2520, TIG welding. The U-shaped vertical decomposition chamber can slow down the flow of liquid ammonia evenly when it enters the chamber, so that the nickel catalyst installed in the chamber can be fully used without dead space. The use of this material has high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.

(2) Catalyst: Southwest Chemical Institute Z204 high-temperature sintered nickel catalyst, the decomposition of liquid ammonia is good, with high decomposition activity, not easy to powder, catalyst and not easy to aging.

3)Heating element: internal heating system with nickel-chrome alloy heating wire, high thermal efficiency and not easy to fail, the insulation system adopts Japanese Isolek aluminum silicate fiber insulation cotton, good thermal insulation effect, reduce the heat dissipation of ammonia decomposition furnace, effectively reducing the loss of electrical energy. Replace the heating wire without stopping the air: The period of replacement of the pulling type heating wire is short, half an hour to complete the replacement operation. Our company uses a new structure to replace the heating wire without gas: when the heating wire breaks or is damaged, disconnect the power supply, then pull the heating wire from the side of the furnace. Just plug in the new heating wire and power up. The pulling wire can be replaced in 10 minutes with a short cycle time. The old structure used to be built in the electric heating wire, when the electric heating wire broke and damaged the whole furnace to stop, wait for the furnace temperature to drop and then open the furnace chamber in the electric heating wire out in the replacement, because some companies can not buy two devices, one working one spare. This wastes time and affects the normal production of the company. Sometimes a company's one furnace product can cost more than the price of a set of equipment.

(4) gas cooler: equipped with a gas heat exchanger can initially lower the bottom of the ammonia decomposition furnace out of the temperature of high temperature decomposition gas, can also make into the ammonia decomposition furnace of liquid ammonia to get gasification, reduce the pressure of the ammonia decomposition furnace, from the gas heat exchanger to get the initial cooling down.

(5) Temperature control: digital temperature controller and K-type thermocouple, zone temperature control. The thermocouple adopts the compensation wire, which effectively solves the phenomenon of large temperature deviation during the heating process of the ammonia decomposition furnace. This makes setting temperature or control adjustments extremely convenient.

(6) Alarm function: the ammonia decomposition furnace in the case of ammonia pressure is too high or too low, or in the case of abnormal temperature, the system will sound and light alarm, prompting the inspection adjustment.

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