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Hydrogen purifier structural features

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2015/12/09 13:08
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 (1) Multiple structure: the adsorber is realized by digestion and absorption of the Austrian Ebner process, the adsorber is used and prepared; one in the adsorption work, the other in the desorption regeneration, so it can achieve continuous gas supply.
(2) Adsorbent: using zeolite 5A molecular sieve, the molecular sieve has strong adsorption performance, compared with similar products have the advantages of large adsorption volume, depth of adsorption, under normal temperature and pressure can adsorb water and impurity gas equivalent to 20% of its own weight, after adsorption gas dew point can reach -60 ℃ or below, with its purification of ammonia cracking hydrogen nitrogen gas, can effectively remove trace ammonia and trace water to produce high-quality pure gas.
(3) Heating method: the adsorber built-in rod 8020 nickel-chrome alloy heater, heating rod designed for low surface load, and heating rod does not contact the molecular sieve when heating, using "mushroom" airflow heating, uniform heating, failure bottom, heating speed, full regeneration, good quality of pure gas, so as to ensure the high efficiency and reliable adsorber.
(4) Purification mode of work: the regeneration of ammonia decomposition and purification using manual switching mode can be controlled by PLC to implement automatic work.

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