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Advantages of a PSA nitrogen generator

Industry News
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2018/01/02 14:48
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Advantages of a PSA nitrogen generator
  Today, industrial nitrogen manufacturer-Suzhou Evergrande Purification Equipment Co.
  PSA is a simple method of nitrogen production that produces N2 within a few minutes of start-up, and the cost of N2 is lower than that of deep-cooled air separation.    
  1. Choose high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve: nitrogen machine has a large adsorption capacity, high pressure resistance and long service life.   
  2. Strong technical strength and excellent after-sales service: the equipment is containerized and only the gas source and power supply are connected when the nitrogen generator is installed on site.    
  3. Excellent electrical and mechanical assembly skills, providing continuous technical services, responsible for on-site commissioning and training. 
  4. Intelligent: Nitrogen machine adopts humanized human-machine interface, intelligent control, all you do is to press the button, you can supply the required N2 continuously, solve your troubles of purchasing N2 and handling gas cylinders.    
  5. Individualization; nitrogen generators are tailor-made for special customers and do not require a nitrogen purification unit, but can also produce high purity nitrogen with a purity of five nines directly. 
  6. Low energy consumption: the use of unique adsorption tower, air distribution system, carbon molecular sieve filling process, and for different requirements of nitrogen production equipment to select different processes and different models of high-quality carbon molecular sieve, so that the size of the adsorption tower is reduced, air consumption is reduced, thus reducing the energy consumption of nitrogen production machine.    
  7. Modularization: the modular structure of the unique national patent technology, the equipment structure is clear and smooth, compact and beautiful, with great flexibility, which facilitates future system expansion and reduces investment costs.    
  8. Long life: using unique airflow control technology and molecular sieve loading technology to minimize the impact of airflow on the molecular sieve, reduce the wear of the molecular sieve, nitrogen machine life is longer.
  About the advantages of PSA nitrogen production machine, we will give you to say here; molecular sieve nitrogen production machine manufacturers - Evergrande purification equipment is waiting for your visit. You just need it, and I just happen to be professional.
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