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Extension of the role of the gas storage tank

Industry News
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2017/12/20 07:54
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Today, industrial nitrogen manufacturer-Suzhou Evergrande Purification Equipment Co.
  Theoretically the larger the tank the better, reducing the number of frequent starts of the host. The instantaneous current of motor start is about 7 times of the rated current, the damage to the electrical part of the host is relatively large, reducing the life of the electrical part, at the same time, the impact on the grid is relatively large, affecting the normal use of other electrical equipment. 
  1、Nitrogen machine operation and energy saving effect 
     Nitrogen machine adsorption tower every minute switch, each switch once the boost time is only 1 ~ 2 seconds, that is, instantaneous air consumption is very large, without the buffering effect of the tank, compressed air directly into the system in an instant can not handle a large amount of compressed air, so that a large amount of compressed air containing water and oil directly into the nitrogen machine, inevitably make the molecular sieve poisoning, shorten the life of the molecular sieve, reduce the rate of gas production, increase user costs. 
  2、Provide a stable gas source 
     With a storage tank in the nitrogen generator system, the air output from the main unit has a buffer place, the air source can be well maintained at a set value, the air system can get a constant pressure, which is necessary for the use of modern factories. 
  3. Good air quality 
     The compressed air from the nitrogen machine is first sent to the storage tank, the air in this will stay for a certain period of time, which can precipitate the impurities in the air, such as water and other foreign matter, the temperature of the compressed air is also reduced, that is, without the freeze dryer, can also send out better quality air. 
  In fact, savings acts like a cistern, with the air compressor being a source of gas and the storage tank being a pool. The storage tank can be set according to the setting of the air pressure balance within a certain pressure range, buffering the fluctuation of air pressure, reducing the number of start-up of the host, in addition, the storage tank can also play a role in the precipitation of impurities in the air, such as water and other foreign matter function. 
  About the role of the gas storage tank extension of the content, we say here; molecular sieve nitrogen production machine manufacturers - Evergrande purification equipment is waiting for your visit. You just need it, and I just happen to be professional.
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