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Zhong Su Heng Da successfully reached cooperation with Peruvian national-level organizations! !

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2020/09/07 18:10
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With many years of industry experience and professional technical strength, Zhong Su Heng Da has been highly recognized by the Peruvian Bishops Conference, the National Industrial Association and the San Ignacio de Loyola University. Cooperation in supply of oxygen generators.



Our equipment in production: HDFO-60

The first oxygen plant in Arequipa on August 29, 2020 was provided by the Peruvian Conference of Bishops, the National Industrial Association and the University of San Ignacio de Loyola. Zhong Su Heng Da supplies it. It started operations in Arequipa that day. It will not only serve the population of the area, but also Moquegua, Tacna and Puno to face the surge of covid-19 cases.


Group photo of Chinese and local organization personnel


Zhong Su Heng Da has gone global with the recognition of many partners and is also contributing its own strength to the world. More professional and high-quality oxygen generators are going to the world with Evergrande's footsteps, providing reliable help for the success of the epidemic.
We believe that winter will be far away and spring will come. With the trust of partners, Zhong Su Heng Da will work with you in the same boat, go hand in hand, overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, and victory is just around the corner! !


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