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HDFD Purity 95-99.9 Nitrogen Generator

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Product Description
The nitrogen production plant uses clean compressed air as the raw material and carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of variable pressure adsorption to obtain nitrogen gas at room temperature. According to the difference in the amount of oxygen and nitrogen adsorbed on the surface of carbon molecular sieve and the diffusion rate of oxygen and nitrogen in the carbon molecular sieve, the programmable controller controls the opening and closing of the programmable valve to realize the process of pressurized adsorption and decompression desorption, complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, and obtain the desired purity of nitrogen gas.
1、Fast startup speed, 15-30 minutes to provide qualified nitrogen gas.
2. Automatic operation of equipment, the whole process can be realized unattended.
3、Efficient molecular sieve filling, tighter, more solid, longer service life.
4、Stable and adjustable pressure, purity and flow to meet the different needs of customers.
5、Rational structure, advanced process, safety and stability, low energy consumption.
Technical indicators.
Raw air.
  Pressure--5~10 bar
  Pressure dew point--≤10℃
  Oil content - ≤0.003mg/m3
  Air volume - changes with nitrogen and oxygen content
Nitrogen generation.
  Pressure - ≤ 9 bar
  Dew point under normal pressure--≤-40℃
  Purity - 95% to 99.99%
  Nitrogen quantity--1~5000Nm3/h
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