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HDFO Highland Oxygen Generator Series

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Product Description
Technical specifications.
Flow rate: ≥(1~1000)Nm3/h
Purity: ≥25~93%
Pressure: 0.3~0.5Mpa
Dew point: ≤ -45℃
Equipment features.
1、The device has a compact structure, small footprint, simple and convenient operation.
2、The device is fully automatic control, convenient to open and park, completely unattended.
3、Low operation and maintenance costs of similar products.  
4、The device runs independently, with good stability and reliability.
5、Low energy consumption and low operating cost.
6、Skid-mounted structure, easy installation, small footprint.
7、The unique process and adsorber structure makes the oxygen production rate and recovery rate of oxygen production equipment higher and energy saving effect is obvious.
8、Top-down gas flow direction, proprietary rate control, vibrating sieve outside the tower is always static operation, to ensure that the molecular sieve does not chalk and do not add.
9、Air pretreatment system is equipped with water removal, oil removal, dust removal, pressure stabilization and other devices, clean air source to ensure the life of the molecular sieve and adsorption efficiency.
10、Modular design, one finger operation, simple maintenance, equipment without a person to look after, year-round automatic safe and reliable work.
11、The inner and outer surfaces of pressure-bearing parts are sandblasted against rust and degreased, which greatly extends the service life of pneumatic parts and testing parts.
12, suitable for customers with a small amount of oxygen.
13. Long operating hours and low maintenance.
14. Simple operation, can be opened and stopped at will.
15. The adsorption tower adopts the upper air inlet and lower air outlet mode, the air flow direction and gravity direction are the same, playing the role of compressing the molecular sieve.
16. High degree of automation, can provide remote control of fully automatic shutdown of the equipment function.
17. Zeolite molecular sieve, pneumatic valve, programmable controller, solenoid valve and other key components are configured with imported well-known brand products to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
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