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HDFO Industrial Oxygen Generator Series

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Product Description
The main applications are.
Steel, glass, wastewater treatment, paper, petroleum, furnace combustion, chemical, food, ozone generation, farming industries, etc.
Principle of operation.
According to the characteristics of the molecular sieve, the difference in the adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen and nitrogen in the air is used to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen by the method of variable pressure adsorption. When the pressure is increased, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs nitrogen and oxygen is retained, and when the pressure is decreased, the carbon molecular sieve is desorbed and regenerated. Usually, a two-tower structure is adopted, with one tower for adsorption and one tower for desorption, which is automatically switched under the control of the system to work alternately to obtain stable oxygen products.  At room temperature, the adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen is different by using zeolite molecular sieve, the adsorption pressure is increased, the molecular sieve selects to adsorb nitrogen in air; the adsorption pressure is decreased, the molecular sieve desorbs the adsorbed nitrogen, and the adsorption-desorption cycle operation is realized, so that the molecular sieve regenerates and enriches to oxygen at one end of the adsorbers. High purity oxygen can be produced continuously using two or more adsorbers working alternately.
Compressed air enters the bottom of the adsorption cylinder and the bed is filled with a zeolite molecular sieve that adsorbs most of the nitrogen gas. Oxygen is constantly flowing through the adsorption bed at the top enriched as a product until the molecular sieve is saturated with adsorbed nitrogen. The air then enters the second adsorber to output oxygen, while the first tower is desorbed at atmospheric pressure to discharge nitrogen and the molecular sieve is regenerated.
Technical specifications.
Flow rate: ≥(1~1000)Nm3/h
Purity: ≥25~93%
Pressure: 0.3~0.5Mpa
Dew point: ≤ -45℃
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