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HDFO Industrial Oxygen Generator Series

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Product Description
Features of oxygen production equipment.
1、Oxygen production is large and energy consumption is low; oxygen purity is easy to adjust and can be adjusted between 25%-95%.
2、Low maintenance costs, the dynamic equipment is blower and vacuum pump; easy and simple maintenance.
3, the whole set of equipment has a high degree of automation, one finger operation, simple maintenance, the equipment does not need a person to look after.
4、The unique compression device ensures that the molecular sieve is always static, ensuring that the molecular sieve is not powdered and not added.
5、The inner and outer surfaces of the pressure-bearing parts are sandblasted to remove rust and degrease treatment, which greatly extends the service life of pneumatic parts, testing parts and vacuum pumps.
6、Oxygen flow rate, purity automatic adjustment system, and runtime control system can be selected.
Applications and uses.
1. Metallurgy: electric arc furnace steelmaking, blast furnace ironmaking oxygen-rich, vertical furnace oxygen-rich combustion.
2. Non-ferrous metallurgy: smelting of gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, aluminium, etc., oxygen-rich combustion in various furnaces.
3. Environmental protection industry: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, pulp bleaching, sewage biochemical treatment, waste incineration.
4. Chemical (academic) industry: various oxidation reactions, ozone production, coal gasification, pharmaceutical production.
5. Health care industry: medical oxygen, oxygen therapy, oxygen health care.
6. Aquaculture: sea and freshwater aquaculture.
7. Other industries: fermentation, welding and cutting, glass furnaces, air conditioning, waste incineration.
8. Electric furnace steelmaking: decarburization, oxygen-assisted heating, foam slag dissolution, metallurgical control and subsequent heating.
9. Wastewater treatment: oxygen-rich aeration of activated sludge, oxygenation of tanks and ozone sterilization; glass melt, cutting.
10. Increase glass production and extend furnace life.
11, non-ferrous gold smelting: smelting copper, gold, lead, nickel, etc. need to be oxygen-rich, PSA method is gradually replacing the deep order method.
12, field cutting construction: field steel pipe, plate cutting with oxygen, mobile or small oxygen machine can meet the requirements.
13. Petrochemical and industrial oxygen: oxygen reactions in petroleum and chemical processes are carried out using compound oxygen instead of air.
14. Oxidation reactions, which can increase the reaction rate and the yield of chemical products.
15. Ore processing: used in production processes such as gold, which can improve the extraction rate of metals.
16. Application water: Provide oxygen to the ozone generator and sterilize the ozone.
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