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Vpsa Series Oxygen Generators

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Product Description
Principle of VPSA vacuum desorption oxygen producer.
Vacuum desorption and variable pressure adsorption of air partitioned oxygen, the high quality zeolite molecular sieve is used to adsorb nitrogen gas, the unabsorbed oxygen accumulates at the top of the tower and is transported to the oxygen storage tank as product gas. When the adsorption tower in the adsorption state is nearly saturated, it automatically decompressurizes and desorbs itself before regeneration, and another adsorption tower starts to pressurize the adsorption to extract oxygen. The two adsorption towers work alternately to complete the process of producing oxygen. Vacuum desorption, called VPSA, is used in the desorption regeneration of the adsorption tower.
Low energy consumption, with electricity consumption of ≤ 0.5 Kw per square meter of oxygen produced.
High degree of automation and low number of operators.
Fast start-up and easy shutdown of the unit.
(a) Low maintenance and upkeep costs.
High operational stability and reliability of the unit.
Pneumatic control valves are all inlet, safe and reliable and have a long service life.
The main control equipment is all imported and the valve opening can be adjusted automatically according to the change of pressure in the adsorption tower to maintain normal production.
Adopt original imported special oxygen molecular sieve adsorbent, good adsorption performance.
Main technical indicators.
Oxygen yield: 100~3000Nm3/h
Oxygen purity: adjustable between 50 and 95%
Outlet pressure: 0.015~0.05MPa (adjustable)
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