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HDAQ Series Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Generator

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Product Description
Ammonia breakdown characteristics
☆ Low investment in equipment: mature, simple, short and inexpensive process; still highly economical for the extraction of pure hydrogen.
☆ Low operating costs: liquid ammonia feedstock is cheap, low energy consumption, high efficiency and the most economical source of protective atmosphere.
Reliable performance and long service life: high quality catalyst, heat-resistant stainless steel liner, nickel-chrome alloy electric heating element and stainless steel valve ensure the service life of the whole system.
Simple installation: skid-mounted structure, small size, compact structure, no need of infrastructure, can be put into normal production after connecting the water, electricity and air inlet and outlet pipes.
ammonia decomposition furnace
Easy to use and maintain: the temperature is controlled by the automatic temperature controller, the valve regulates the flow rate, and no special training of operators is required to obtain a continuous and stable gas volume.
High safety: low decomposition pressure, true oxygen-free hydrogen production and oxygen-free environment, ensuring system safety.
Ammonia Pressure Reducing Valve
☆Good adjustment performance: can be adjusted at will within the rated gas production range to meet different gas requirements.
System process description
* Using foreign advanced technology, the decomposition furnace body adopts a vertical cylindrical structure, the structure of the furnace gallbladder is a plum-shaped column structure, the electric heating material evenly surrounds the surrounding of the decomposition furnace gallbladder, this structure has good heating uniformity and high heat utilization rate.
* The decomposition of the furnace bile uses heat-resistant stainless steel tube, which enhances the corrosion resistance of the furnace bile, and the ammonia tube uses double imported alloy steel and thickens the thickness of the ammonia tube, which avoids the strong corrosion of ammonia to steel at high temperatures.
* In the selection of electric heating material, according to the temperature of the ammonia decomposition furnace, the choice of electric heating belt as a heating element, the material is high temperature resistance, life plant.
*The core insulation material, aluminosilicate fiber, is formed by vacuum filtration and the surface is reinforced more than five times. The unique structure determines the heat transfer coefficient of the material to be 15% lower than similar products.
*The use of silicon controllers for electrical control reduces the number of power-offs of the heating element and extends the life of the heating element, while avoiding the use of contactor-controlled work noise.
*Ammonia pressure reducing valve adopts FISHER valve, which has good pressure reducing and stabilizing effect and long operating life.
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