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Energy-saving Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Production Equipment

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Product Description
Routine maintenance of nitrogen generators.
(1) Regularly check and eliminate bubbles, bubbles, points, leaks, so that the equipment is in good condition.
(2) Check the automatic temperature control device frequently to prevent the temperature control device from failing. Once the temperature control instrument and the thermocouple measurement fails, should immediately the仃 car overhaul.
(3) Note: strictly prevent the toxic gas (such as contains S.P, H2S gas and a lot of water gas and O2) to enter the decomposition furnace, the temperature of the decomposition furnace cannot rise too high (generally does not exceed 850 ℃), otherwise the catalyst activity is easy to reduce, even completely lose the activity.
4) When the disintegration furnace short time the Dingding car (does not know ammonia, does not send out the disintegration gas) needs the heat preservation, the temperature control instrument control temperature is set below 400℃, otherwise will make the local catalyst burn up because of the overheating.
(5) After a period of use of the catalyst, the phenomenon of fragmentation due to aging, which is particularly evident at the gas ammonia inlet. It will cause a decrease in catalyst activity, pipe resistance increases, as indicated in the ammonia pressure gauge or ammonia decomposition rate is abnormal, the smell of ammonia can be found in the empty place, in this case, the catalyst should be replaced in time.
1、The occurrence of air leakage, should immediately check the cause, more air leakage, should be cut off the power supply, gas source, when the furnace temperature drops to room temperature, use compressed air to check for leakage, the method: equipment pipeline inflation 0.4Mpa, with a brush dipped in soapy water or other liquids that can produce foam, wipe in the sealing and welding joints, where bubbles are leaking, according to different circumstances, until no bubbles, bubbles, points, leakage phenomenon so far, exhaust the remaining gas, can be put into the equipment operation.
2、A sudden rise of the ammeter indication indicates a short circuit in the heating wire or other reasons, should be stopped immediately for maintenance.
3, after the heating, when the temperature controller pointer is found to move in the opposite direction, indicating that the thermocouple positive and negative pole is reversed, should be immediately replaced by a joint. If the thermostat pointer hits full, it means the thermocouple is broken.
4, after the heating, found that the temperature indicator changes very slowly or no change (the equipment in normal operation, the general temperature rise to 600 ℃ above about 4 hours), it may be thermocouple or temperature control instrument damage or other reasons, should be checked and maintained.
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