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10-30 Cubic/Ammonia Decomposition Chamber

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Product Description
HDAQ-ammonia decomposition hydrogen production equipment
1. Principle
  High Tech Ammonia Disintegration is certified by the Special Equipment Manufacturing License. The ammonia decomposes with liquid ammonia as the raw material, the liquid ammonia vaporization preheats and enters the decomposition furnace equipped with catalyst, under a certain temperature and catalyst, the ammonia decomposes to produce a mixture containing 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen, the gas passes through the heat exchanger and cooler, then enters the dryer equipped with UOP zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent, after purification, effectively remove the residual ammonia and water in the mixture. The chemical equation for ammonia decomposition is as follows.
  2NH3==3H2+N2-22080 cards
  Under standard conditions, the complete decomposition of 1kg of liquid ammonia produces a hydrogen-nitrogen mixture of 2.64Nm3.
2、Equipment features
  (1) Reliable performance and long service life.
  The core components are made of high temperature and corrosion resistant 0Cr25Ni20 stainless steel seamless tube, which ensures a long service life in high temperature and highly corrosive environment, and the heating element is made of nickel-chrome alloy with excellent mechanical properties at high temperature, which ensures the service life of the whole system.
  (2) Water and electricity conservation.
  The ammonia decomposition equipment does not require process water, effectively saving water and using the decomposition gas heat to preheat the ammonia gas to save electricity.
  (3) Low investment and ease of use.
  The process is mature, compact, skid-mounted, occupies a small area without infrastructure investment, easy to operate, inexpensive, only need to connect the power supply and gas source on site to produce hydrogen.
  (4) Wide range of applications.
  It can meet most of the needs of hydrogen use, especially in metal heat treatment, powder metallurgy, electronics and other leading fields, and has been widely used.
  (5) Low operating costs.
  With low investment, cheap liquid ammonia feedstock, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low operating costs, it is the most economical source of nitrogen-hydrogen hybrid protection atmosphere.
3. Technical indicators
Raw material ammonia grade: primary ammonia
Flow rate: 5-1000Nm3/h
Ammonia residue: ≤3ppm
Oxygen content: ≤3ppm
Dew point: ≤ -60℃
Pressure: 0.05-0.8Mpa
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