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HDFD Nitrogen Generator of Purity 95-99.9995

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Product Description
Main Products.
Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of nitrogen making equipment, ammonia decomposition equipment, purification equipment, etc.
Equipment features.
(1) Nitrogen production is convenient and fast: advanced technology, unique airflow distributor, make the airflow distribution more uniform, efficient use of carbon molecular sieve, can provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.
(2) Easy to use: the equipment is compact in structure, the whole skid mounted, occupies a small area without infrastructure investment, low investment, only need to connect the power supply on site to produce nitrogen gas.
(3) More economical than other nitrogen supply methods: PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method, using air as raw material, energy consumption is only the electricity consumed by the compressor, with low operating costs, low energy consumption, high efficiency advantages.
(4) Mechatronics design to achieve automatic operation: imported PLC control fully automatic operation, adjustable nitrogen flow pressure and purity and continuous display, can achieve unattended.
(5) A wide range of applications: protective gas for metal heat treatment process, nitrogen-filled production gas for chemical industry and nitrogen purification of various storage tanks and pipes, production gas for rubber and plastic products, oxygen removal and preservation packaging for food industry, purification and coverage gas for beverage industry, nitrogen-filled packaging and containers for pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen-filled oxygen removal, protective gas for electronic components and semiconductor production process for electronics industry, etc. Purity, flow, pressure stability adjustable to meet the needs of different customers.
Technical indicators.   
Flow: 5-2000Nm/h  
Purity: 95% - 99.9995%   
Dew point: ≤ -40°C  
Pressure: ≤0.8Mpa adjustable
Industrial processes.
Most of the oil, liquid water and dust are attached to the wall of the container and flow to the bottom of the tank and are discharged from the drainage valve periodically, and part of the airflow enters the compressed air purification system. The air purification system consists of a cold dryer, three filters with different precision and a de-oilizer. By freezing and dehumidifying and filtering the liquid water, oil and dust in the compressed air from coarse to fine, the compressed air pressure dew point is reduced to 2-10℃, the oil content is reduced to 0.001PPm and the dust is filtered to 0.01μm to ensure the cleanliness of the raw gas entering the PSA nitrogen making machine. The purified air enters two adsorption towers in two ways, and is alternately adsorbed and desorbed through the automatic switching of the pneumatic valve on the nitrogen making machine, this process separates most of the nitrogen and a small amount of oxygen in the air, and empties the oxygen-rich air. Nitrogen is enriched at the top of the tower and transported by pipeline to the post-stage nitrogen storage tank, which passes through the flow meter and then enters the gas consumption point.
Scope of application.
A. SMT industry applications: nitrogen-filled reflow and wave soldering, nitrogen can effectively inhibit the oxidation of solder, improve welding wetting, accelerate the wetting speed to reduce the production of tin balls, avoid bridging, reduce welding defects, get better welding quality. Use of nitrogen with a purity greater than 99.99 or 99.9%   
II. Semiconductor silicon industry applications: atmosphere protection, cleaning, chemical recycling, etc. for semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing processes  
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