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Palladium Carbon Deoxidizer (T3093) Type

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Product Description
1. Post-stage nitrogen purification for nitrogen production by variable pressure adsorption and nitrogen production by membrane separation, no need to configure hydrogen, simple process, safe and reliable; 2. Inert gas (nitrogen, argon, etc.) de-oxygenation, the pure gas cannot contain hydrogen and other reducing gases, such as aluminum brazing, magnetic materials, electronic nitrogen; 3. Attenuation modification or terminal purification of high purity nitrogen from deep cooling.
Product Features.
1, the impurity content is small, the reaction completely generates CO2, deoxygenation capacity is large, 10% higher than similar products (3093) deoxygenation capacity, 10% long replenishment cycle, 10% low operating cost.
2、The depth of deoxygenation is as low as 1ppm, which can easily achieve the production of high purity gas.
3, low-temperature activity, use temperature down to 260 ℃, low energy consumption.
4. No overheating at high temperature, with no change in activity at 450°C.
5, 35% less ash than similar products, 50% longer replenishment cycle, reduce the number of ash clearing, reduce maintenance workload.
6、No hydrogen in the process of oxygen removal, safe and reliable.
Appearance size: black cylindrical,φ3.0mm±0.2mm,L=3-10mm;
Specific gravity: 530±30kg/m3;           Air speed: ≤2000h-1.;
Operating pressure: ≤4.0MPa;             Operating temperature: 260-350℃;
Deoxygenation volume: ≥1.6m3/kg;               depth of deoxygenation: ≤1ppm;
Product packaging: 25kg/bag            Product application principle: C+O2=CO2


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